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Every year in February Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) organizes the annual Top vBlog voting at his site
You can vote for every blog listed in the vLaunchpad – with more than 300 blogs the best source of virtualization links ever.

My blog is one of them, and at the blog voting last year I finished up in an unfortunate 101th place (barely missed the top 100…).

So my goal for 2015 is to make it at least to place 100 – therefore I need your help!

If you like the blog/articles and find them useful please take a minute and vote for it:

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This year Infinio is so kind to sponsor the contest. Maybe you want to follow them on twitter (@Infinio) or take a look at their website/products.

They provide some really great prices this year: beautifully designed commemorative coins. Unfortunately only for the first 50 places…

Some blogs I read regularly are listed below. This should not be a recommendation for voting – but maybe you like them, too :-)

Manfred Hofer –
Vladan Seget –
Andrea Mauro –
William Lam –
Cormac Hogan –


Only a short reminder that there are only 8 days left to pass the VCPD550 delta recertification exam.

If you have a valid VCP5-DCV certification you can use this delta exam to renew your credentials. I passed the exam today, most questions were easy – but you have to read the questions and answers very carefully.

So if you have to renew your VCP in the next months you should use the chance to do it this way.

The advantages of this exam are:

  • you can take it online from any location – no need to visit a Pearson VUE testing center
  • favorable price: exam costs about 120 US-Dollar/90 Euro
  • you extend your VCP cert for two more years (VMware VCP Recertification Policy)

Interested? Take a look at these links and pass the exam:

Want 50% off your VCP-NV exam?

Today I noticed this tweet from Paul (@PaulPMeehan) – with a code to save 50% until June 30th for your VCP-NV exam:


Great deal – if you register give the code “VCPNV50″ a try!

Snapshots are a great, useful and indispensable feature.

You can use them to preserve the state of a virtual machine and return to the same state repeatedly if you want. Also backup solutions are based on the snapshot technology.

But as a virtualization admin you also know the other side… broken snapshot chains, failed “remove snapshot operations”, wasted snapshot space, and so on.

And you also know, that it is hard work to keep an eye on all the open snapshots, which are wasting space and impacting the performance of your virtual machines.

With the free tool “Snapwatcher” Opvizor enables you to manage snapshots easier.
And the best: to detect and fix invalid or broken snapshots!

To fix invalid snapshots the tool uses a variety of known methods as workarounds, consolidation and even detecting locking hosts.

Of course deleting and fixing snapshots is tracked, just as the tool shows you how many space is freed up.

Some admins may be surprised how many space they waste for snapshots.

The tool is easy to use and offers a comfortable design. As an it example, it is possible to change the position of the widgets in the dashbord as desired.

At the moment Snapwatch is available as a beta product.

If you want to learn more about the tool take a look at this short video or visit the Opvizor website:

If you see the following error while taking a snapshot for a virtual machine backup, the resolution below may work for you:

Warning message from …: The guest OS has reported an error during quiescing. The error code was: 5 The error message was: VssSyncStart operation failed: IDispatch error #8451 (0x80042303)

First you can try to re-register the VSS components as described in this post:
TSM VM Backup + error during quiescing, error code 5, IDispatch error #8472 (0x80042318)

If you find no other resolution, you can remove the VSS component from the windows guest operating system, provided as part vo the VMware Tools.
In this case older sync drivers will be used – and you have a good chance that this will solve your problem.

How to remove the VSS component:

  • right-click the VM and select “Guest” – “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools”
  • select “Interactive Tools Upgrade”
  • log-on to the virtual machine and start the VMware Tools Setup (you can start it via Explorer – DVD Drive)
  • select “Custom”:
  • deselect the “VSS Support” (Volume Shadow Copy Service Support)
  • now finish the wizzard – done!

If possible reboot the virtual machine. Backup should work without a reboot, too – but it is recommended…